CVPR Workshop 2022

This Workshop focuses on Efficient Deep Learning For Computer Vision.

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  • Computer Vision research has given little consideration to speed or computation time, and even less to constraints such as power/energy, memory footprint and model size.
  • Nevertheless, addressing all of these metrics is essential if advances in Computer Vision are going to be widely available on mobile and AR/VR devices.
  • This workshop will focus on efficient deep learning algorithms, models, and systems for computer vision.


The Low-Power Computer Vision Challenge is an annual competition started in 2015.


Computer vision technologies have made impressive progress in recent years, but often at the expense of increasingly complex models needing more and more computational and storage resources.

Our Aim

This workshop aims to improve the energy efficiency of computer vision for running on systems with stringent resource constraints.

Our Plan

This workshop will discuss the state of the art of low-power computer vision, challenges in creating efficient vision solutions, promising technologies that can achieve the goals, methods to acquire and label data, benchmarks and metrics to evaluate progress and success.


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Special Interest Group on Design Automation

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