Basic Information:

The goal of this challenge is to bring awareness to the energy efficiency of AI accelerators and encourage researchers to innovate a new neural network architecture optimized for AI accelerators.

Participants need to build an efficient machine learning model that completes the given task on the target HW platform as fast as possible.

1st place: $1,500.

2nd place: $1,000.

3rd place: $500.



Please register here and send an email to to register for the challenge. Please use the subject line

“Subject: [Registration] LPCV 2021 Xilinx Track”

Download latest software:


We list some of the useful references:

Submission Format: 

  1. dpu.bit
  2. dpu.hwh
  3. dpu.xclbin
  4. <your_model>.xmodel

  1. team.json [This is the result file please check format in sample_team.json file, it should be generated using the evaluation.ipynb ]

  1. evaluation.ipynb
  2. [DO NOT MODIFY, please maintain the directory paths for your files as per this script]